Mission to End Homelessness

The Mercy Foundation was established by the North Sydney Sisters of Mercy in 1990. It is an organisation committed to social justice and structural change to create greater social equity and inclusion in the Australian community.


The primary social justice issue with which the Mercy Foundation is currently concerned is homelessness and its related causes and consequences. 

These include: affordable housing, poverty, family violence, social exclusion, mental illness, disability, addictions and brain injury.

The Mercy Foundation is an organisation that makes grants, advocates and works in partnership with other organisations to help bring about an end to homelessness. The Mercy Foundation pursues excellence in the field of understanding, responding to and ending homelessness.

The Mercy Foundation is involved in supporting initiatives which have one or more of the following as their core goal:

  1. ending chronic homelessness;

  2. responding appropriately to homelessness or;

  3. preventing homelessness.

The Mercy Foundation has a special interest in the prevention and impact of homelessness on single women and women with accompanying children and in the implementation of appropriate policy, systems and service responses.

The Mercy Foundation is an independent voice, informed by evidence and current research on the issue of homelessness, its causes and consequences.

The Mercy Foundation works in partnership with other organisations to advocate, research and implement improved responses to homelessness.

The Mercy Foundation aims to challenge structures and systems that will break the cycle of homelessness and does not support responses to homelessness which perpetuate charitable models of service provision.


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