Plan for Australia

Currently limited options for people who are chronically homeless

In Australia at present there are limited opportunities [1]  for chronically street homeless people with multiple needs to move directly from the streets into a permanent, affordable and supported house or unit. 

A plan for Australia to end chronic homelessness?

There is great scope within Australia to develop Federal, State and Local plans to end chronic homelessness. It may not even require any extra funding, but perhaps a re-configuration of funds that are currently available to provide support to people who are chronically homeless. It will, however, require much closer links with affordable and public housing. Along with good, direct support to people, the provision of adequate and affordable housing throughout the country will be crucial to trying to end chronic homelessness.

Such plans for Australia will also require a good understanding of what has and hasn’t worked in other parts of the world. I don’t believe that we need to re-invent any new wheels.

Already Australia is making a good start, with the Federal Government’s commitment to addressing homelessness and the release of a White Paper on homelessness in 2008.



1. There a few notable projects. For example: Adelaide’s development of a Common Ground model; City of Sydney and NSW Department of Community Services, Chronic and Complex Co-ordinated Needs Project.