Home in a Box Project


Many people moving into housing after spending a significant period of time being homeless have few possessions. 

Moving into a new home is an expensive process and with a tight budget, the cost of setting up a new home can be beyond the reach of people with very limited financial resources. 

Home in a Box means that formerly homeless people can settle into their new home with the warmth and comfort of their own sheets, towels, pillows, kitchenware, utensils and other essential items that make a house a home. 

A Kid's Pack is available to ensure children are helped to settle into their new home too.

Home in a Box was developed to help people sustain their housing, by creating a home.

Home in a Box is delivered by the support worker to the family or individual that they have helped to house. Over 50 Homes in Boxes have been distributed. We thank our supporters and donors listed below for your generous support.

The response has been very positive, as indicated by the words below from a Support Workerwho delivered the boxes:

Both tenants were overwhelmed by the contents and L* was actually speechless when unpacking the box, he appeared almost to be in tears and is so thankful to receive this he said he couldn’t express it properly. G* was equally excited and stated it was Christmas except better than any Christmas he’s ever had and L* commented that he didn’t get anything, not even a card for his birthday and this makes up for that. Again it is a really great feeling to be part of this and thanks to you and the Mercy Foundation for giving me and the rest of the team a chance to really see joy in tenants faces, to pass on to them something they can use and appreciate.
Wentworth Community Services
PS Just quickly, L* was most impressed with the egg flip, he hasn’t been able to turn them properly with a spoon. Things we take so much for granted!

If you would like to support the Home in a Box project, please contact the office on
02 9911 7390 or donate here.

We are very grateful to the major sponsors of this project:


Our thanks to Siobhan Moroney, Year 12 student at Monte Sant Angelo College for her assistance.

We are also very grateful to Crossmark, who donated 60 microwaves to our Home in a Box project.